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Christy Kopp

Nancy, How wonderful when you can come home knowing that dinner is less than 30 minutes to the table. Now my family looks at the freezer inventory ahead of time and tell me what they want. This is a great idea that incorporates great flavors at the same time.

Kerry Whitford

I am on my last of the 10 freezer workshop dinners. Everything has been so delicious and easy. Thanks for introducing me to this great product and making my like jsut a little bit less hectic!

Louise Helton

Everything I have tried as been delicious. Not only is it nice to have dinner ready so quickly but it is delicious and healthy. Thank you!


We have enjoyed our Wildtree products, especially our meals. It was so much fun to get together with others and prepare the meals. I especially love knowing that I have some healthy meals in my freezer for my busy days, rather than eating out or highly processed meals. And the fact that there is so many Gluten Free options is wonderful.
My mom said my dad liked the flavor of the SW Chicken Chili, "even though it's chicken" (he's not a big fan of chicken). We will be doing these again!

A Facebook User

Loved the workshop and am still loving the meals! My Mondays and Wednesdays are taken care of now with my freezer workshop meals. I have even made the salmon dish again. This is a great way to have fun with friends and really get ahead of the dinner game.

Cathy Bauer

I loved your Freezer Workshop! Even though I didn't know anyone I had so much fun. The best part was coming home with 10 meals including a list of recommended sides and how to create the meal again. My 17 year old son loved the drumsticks. We cooked them up for a poker and ping pong night he had. Those drumsticks were gone in no time. I'll be making those again!

Cathy Bauer

Nancy, Any chance you will be coming up with a vegetarian freezer workshop? I bet there are others out there that would love one and I would love to host one of those.

Renee Vejvoda

Nancy - Thank you so much for sharing the joy of cooking "easy" with me. I have done two freezer workshops and my family is loving every meal. The best comment is from my son, who knows I do not cook, and asks "Are you cooking with Wildtree tonight?"

DeAnn Carson

I just hosted a Freezer Workshop at my house and am trying all the wildtree products for the first time. I Love everything! Nancy has been so helpful and it was quite easy to host the workshop. My husband and kids are giving all the meals a "thumbs up". Thank you so much Nancy!

Patti Miers

Thank you Nancy for the Grilling Workshop! I just love to grill and this gave me many new and delicious options. I can't wait to try them all :)

Tasha Beckman

My 13-year-old daughter ane I had so much fun together at your freezer workshop. We can't wait to taste all of the yummy recipes! A mother-teenage daughter workshop would be's a great way to introduce them to cooking!


The grilling freezer workshop was so much fun. Every single meals looks and smells wonderful. Thank you for helping feed my family wonderful healthy meals

Susan Baker

The grilling workshop was not only fun but was incredibly efficient! During this season of our 4 kids having sports or work every night it is great to know we can pull something out of the freezer and be SET! We can't wait to taste everything:)
Thanks Nancy for your amazing hospitality.

Jennifer Huber

I am currently in nursing school and have 3 children (4 if you want to include my husband) and having the freezer meals done has been a life saver for myself and my husband. I am able to spend more time studing and less time prepairing meals. This has also helped out my husband, keeping him sane while getting homework done with the kids!

Andrea Pitman

Thank you so much for helping me fill my freezer and my tummy with lots of yummy meals. I love thinking about "what's for dinner" with a freezer full of great, healthy options that after a long day of work are easy to cook! Since I don't have a family to feed, I split my meals in half and still have leftovers for lunch the next day. I have had so much fun using my remaining WildTree products in the kitchen as well. Everything has truly been divine! I've done the Crockpot and the Grill Workshops and can't wait to try the rest of them! I also appreciate your tips for food prep and your willingness to answer questions and help us all eat and live a little more naturally! Thanks, Nancy!

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